About Us


30+ years of listening and learning

Owned by three sisters, our journey to QRTZ began over 30 years ago in a modest wholesale watch store our father independently began and ran in Dallas, TX. Growing up, the three of us would spend hours together after school, on weekends and during holidays helping our parents sift through, package and ship watches. With wide-eyed fascination, we loved to explore the intricacies of a new watch that came in: the colors and details of its band, the subtleties of its hand and the hidden micro-engine driving its precise movement. Years of listening and learning helped us understand the unique needs of watch-owners. And steadfast curiosity led us to master the makings of a premium watch. 


Coming together bound by our values

With the encouragement of our parents, we each went our separate way to pursue our college degrees and work in our own respective fields. However, our enduring bond as sisters and our lifelong passion for watches eventually brought us back together to follow in our father’s entrepreneurial footsteps.

In 2008 we focused on a business shifting from wholesale to private label for retailers. Our years of design-work and manufacturing experience helped us build premium watches which landed in stores across the U.S. and abroad. While it was a positive venture, we knew we could provide even more value to our customers by reaching them directly.  And so, in 2016, we launched QRTZ Brand.


A family venture we love: listening and creating…

A family, minority and women-led company, we are a passionate team of sisters with individual strengths that complement our collective desire to craft classic and on-trend watches and accessories. Our company fulfills our desire to be hands-on, working directly with customers, just as our father did. We listen to our customers and take feedback seriously, ensuring we design products that fit their unique needs, lifestyles and aspirations. 

Our goal: To provide value for everyone with statement pieces and timeless treasures you’ll wear with pride.